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Equinox Interior Designed for Long Haul

It’s one thing to have a roomy crossover vehicle that provides performance and efficiency. It’s quite another to have one that sets the trend for fashion and comfort in vehicle interiors. The 2018 Chevy Equinox checks off both of those boxes, with a fashionable interior that’s comfortable and made with materials that will stand the test of time. “Many fashion trends disappear after a year or two, while the Equinox is designed for the long haul, making the durability of its materials very important,” according to Chevy designer Mara Kapsis. “By following real people and absorbing the little things in life that help or hinder them – such as photos posted of muddy paws, spilled drinks or stains on the seats – we learned more about how we could make the new Equinox easier to live with and enjoy every day.” See the fashionable interior and feel its comfort when you take a test drive at Chapman Chevrolet.

Offers Denim or Leather Choices

The 2018 Chevy Equinox offers your choice of a contemporary black denim or leather seating that both resist staining and marks. The denim is a strong fabric that’s very easy to clean and follows the fashion trends in clothing. “The fabric is very durable, while the color and even the pattern help hide dirt and stains,” Kapsis said. “It’s also very easy to vacuum and clean, which saves the owner’s time and helps keep the interior looking great year after year.” The leather interior is also very easy to clean and is treated to avoid bleed over from other materials. “The Equinox is designed for the way our customers live,” according to Kapsis, “complementing its style with durable, easy-to-clean materials helps ensure it and its owners make a fashion statement every day.”

Equinox Loaded with Technology

From the superior infotainment system that not only offers 4G LTE Wi-Fi but integrates with your smartphone through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the Chevy Equinox is packed with the technology that modern drivers demand. Teen Driver is a tech upgrade that lets parents set some parameters on where and how fast their teens can drive. Safety technologies alert you to obstacles all around your vehicle and take action if you should fail to respond to a warning. With your choice of a 1.6L turbo diesel, a 1.5L turbo gas or a 2.0L turbo gas engine, you have the choice to get supreme efficiency, ultimate power or a nice combination of the two. See the all-new Equinox and take a test drive today when you visit Chapman Chevrolet.

If you have a Chevy Truck with more than 100,000 miles on the odometer, or if you’ve leased or bought more than one Chevy truck in your lifetime, you are eligible to become a member of the “Truck Legends” program. Since its inception in Texas last year, the Chevy Truck Legends community has swelled to more than 5,400 members who are eligible for special deals from Chevrolet partners. “We had an incredible response to the Truck Legends pilot program, and greatly appreciate the owners who have shared their stories,” according to Chevy truck marketing director Sandor Piszar. “We look forward to hearing from customers across the country, and for the opportunity to say, ‘thank you’ to our most loyal customers.” For a great deal on a new or used Chevy truck, visit the pros at Chapman Chevrolet in Tempe.

Special Benefits for Members

Become a member of the Truck Legends community and you’re automatically eligible for deals such as front-row concert seats, tickets to sporting events and the first look at new Chevy models. Members are also welcome at the Chevy Trucks Centennial Celebration coming up this December 16 at Texas Motor Speedway. Along with a look at the newest Chevy lineup, there is also an opportunity to meet NASCAR racing legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. along with many special surprises. Members will also receive special branded Truck Legends gear and mementoes, including hats, decals and other special items. To register as a Truck Legends member, go to

Many Different Models Qualify

Along with the modern Silverado and Silverado H/D trucks, owners who have older C/K trucks, the midsize Colorado, S-10, Tahoe, Suburban and Avalanche are all eligible to become a member of the Truck Legends program. Chevy trucks have consistently been one of the most dependable vehicles on the road, which is why customers keep coming back for more. “The lasting legacy of Chevy Trucks simply would not be possible without the support of our customers,” Piszar said. “As such we are expanding the Truck Legends program nationwide to invite customers from all 50 states to join in our Centennial Celebration.”

100 Years of Chevy Trucks

The Chevy truck timeline begins in 1918 when the company delivered a utilitarian one-ton vehicle that required a bit of assembly by the owner. The first light duty trucks came about in 1929 as Chevy was the first company to offer an overhead valve 6-cylinder engine. That was also the first year where real steel replaced wood wheels. The modern half-ton truck first appeared in 1938 with an MSRP of a whopping $592. Upgrades continued throughout the years until you get to the 2018 Chevy Silverado, a modern vehicle with technology built for the 21st century. See the new Silverado and take a test drive at Chapman Chevrolet. It could be the start of your entry into the Truck Legends program.

Now you not only get a great vehicle when you purchase a new Chevy from Chapman Chevrolet, you also earn points you can redeem later for discounts on items such as parts, vehicle accessories and other services. The Chevy MyRewards program is as simple as filling out an enrollment form then watching the points add up as you purchase items you would normally buy anyway such as regular maintenance or using your new Sirius XM satellite radio. Go to for more information.

Plenty of Items to Redeem

You can use your Chevy MyRewards points for many different items that you would normally pay for out of pocket. Some of the items at the website include one free month of an OnStar security plan, 3 gigabytes of WiFi data for 3 full months, or 2 month’s worth of navigation services from OnStar. Stolen vehicle assistance, various dollar amounts to go toward service and even hundreds of dollars off a new vehicle purchase are some other reward options. There is no limit to the number of award vouchers you can use for service or certified Chevy accessories. The number of vouchers you can use toward a new vehicle purchase is limited to one.

New Vehicle Purchase Adds Up

To earn the most points in your Chevy MyRewards program, simply go to Chapman Chevrolet and purchase a new vehicle off the lot. The bigger the buy, the more points you earn. For example, purchase a new Corvette Stingray and you earn 70,000 points to use for service, OnStar subscriptions and other great benefits. Buy the new Chevy Bolt Electric Vehicle and you’ll not only be saving money at the gas pumps, but you’ll also immediately earn 40,000 reward points.  Both a Suburban and a Tahoe purchase earn 50,000 points each, while the Spark, Trax and Sonic will give you immediate access to 20,000 points. Purchase a new Camaro, Colorado, Equinox, Express or Impala and you’ll earn 30,000 points.

Many More Benefits to Buying a Chevy

Rewards points are certainly a nice benefit, but it’s not the only reason to buy a new Chevy. Chevrolet is the most awarded car company in North America for the third year in a row, offering dependable vehicles with modern technology. Now is the best time to head to Chapman Chevrolet to score a great deal on close out models for the 2017 model year. Chevy is offering an across the board deal of 20 percent off the suggested list price of most 2017 Cruze, Malibu and Trax models that are on the dealer’s lot. Qualified buyers can also get 0 percent APR on those same models for up to 72 months.

New Equinox Diesel Gets Eye-popping MPG

Move over hybrids. The new Chevy Equinox with a 1.6L diesel engine is rated at 39 mpg on the highway, offering consumers a choice when it comes to ultra-efficiency. That number is greater than rivals such as the Toyota RAV4 hybrid and Nissan Rogue hybrid. With a driving range of 577 miles, there’s a good chance your stomach will give in to hunger long before you need to refill your Equinox. “Chevrolet continues to lead with technologies that offer customers more choice,” according to Chevy marketing director Steve Majoros. “Our three-engine turbo-charged Equinox lineup means we can provide drivers more options for the performance and efficiency they desire.” The 2018 Equinox is available now for inspection and a test drive at Chapman Chevrolet.

Equinox Offers Trio of Turbo Options

The turbo-diesel engine is just one of the turbocharged options available on the new Chevy Equinox. It delivers a stout 240 pound-feet of torque, delivering instant acceleration when needed. “It is very fun to drive, with torque on demand at all speeds,” said the VP of Global Propulsion Systems, Dan Nicholson. “In fact, the engine delivers 90 percent of peak torque between 1,500 and 3,250 RPM. The strong torque provides the feeling of a larger engine, with exceptional smoothness and quietness.” The new diesel Equinox also comes with stop/start technology, meaning your engine will shut off when you come to a complete stop and then fire up again as soon as you are ready to go. Chevy also offers both a 1.5L and 2.0L turbo engine on the new Equinox. The smaller engine delivers optimal efficiency and power, delivering a rating of 32 mpg on the highway. If you have some recreational towing needs, consider the larger engine. It will tow up to 3,500 pounds as it produces 252 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque. Choose the optional all-wheel drive system to get the best traction and control from any of the power plants.

Offers Ten Advanced Safety Features

As much fun as the new Chevy Equinox is to drive, some of the best things about it are the 10 advanced safety features that help prevent collisions. Low speed automatic braking detects imminent collisions from the front and automatically applies the brakes to reduce an impact. Lane keep assist with lane departure warning helps you stay in your lane on those long trips at night. Forward collision alert lets you know when vehicles in your path are slowing down. A combination of cameras and sensors offers a variety of warnings when something is in your way while backing up, or approaching you in a blind spot. Check out all the safety features and take the new Equinox for a test drive when you visit Chapman Chevrolet.

Colorado ZR2 Debuts in Long Off-road Race

As the only stock production truck to finish the “Vegas to Reno” off-road race, the Chevy Colorado ZR2 has raised the bar for desert driving enthusiasts. Finishing the 539-mile run in just 18 hours and 50 minutes, drivers Chad Hall and Frank DeAngelo of Hall Racing were impressed with the capability of the ZR2. “This truck is a lot tougher than I thought it was going to be,” Hall said. “I clobbered some things on the course that would’ve broken many of the vehicles we competed with in the past.” Aside from some required modifications for safety that included a roll cage and racing seats with harnesses, the ZR2 is pretty much the same truck you’ll be able to buy off the lot at Chapman Chevrolet.

Serves as Development Run

“First and foremost, this was a development trip for our engineering team,” according to GM director of global accessories Mark Dickens. Dickens also served as part of the chase team for the entire run. “ZR2’s performance went beyond our most optimistic expectations, completing ‘Vegas to Reno’ in its first outing. We learned a lot of things about the truck and could not be happier with the result, as well as the efforts of the Hall racing team.” The ZR2 is effectively a segment of one, providing the only midsize production truck that has such outstanding off-road capability. The off-road mode adusts the calibration of the engine, traction control and transmission to provide optimal handling and performance in tough conditions. You can choose from a powerful 3.6L V6 gas engine, or opt for the only diesel engine in the midsize class.

Also Comes in Special Editions

If you don’t need the toughness of the ZR2 but would like a midsize truck for your daily needs, the Chevy Colorado offers a number of Special Editions. The Redline Edition features black and red accents that set it apart from the crowd. The Colorado Custom is built for productivity, bringing your office into the cab of your truck. It features an upgraded radio and OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi to ensure you’ll always be connected to the outside world. If the beach is more to your liking, the Shoreline Special Edition has an available stand-up paddle board carrier, tiered storage racks and large 18-inch wheels to help you power through the sand. The Midnight edition is black on black, offering a sophisticated street look for those nights on the town. See the entire Colorado lineup and take a test drive today at Chapman Chevrolet.