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Who knew that a car salesperson could be your new best friend? When it comes to getting a great deal on the vehicle of your choice, having a trustworthy and knowledgeable salesperson in your corner can ease the pressure and minimize the confusion that is often associated with purchasing a vehicle.  

So then why are so many people unconvinced that car salesmen are there to help? The results of an unofficial  poll conducted by a salesperson at Chapman Chevrolet sheds light onto the many concerns that consumers are faced with when they are in the market for a new or used vehicle.    

Our goal at Chapman Chevrolet is to provide our customers with the very best experience possible, which is why we wanted to share the poll results with you. Below the results, you will find honest, candid advice that we hope will be helpful the next time you are in the market for a new or used vehicle.

 Top five concerns when buying a vehicle at a dealership

 Participants who were polled were asked this question: what is your main concern when buying a vehicle at a dealership?

 The results:

1. Skeevy car salesmen

2. What fees are added to the price?

3. Am I going to be stuck with a lemon?

4. Is the car salesman hiding any issues with the car?

5. What add-ons are extra?

What we want you to know

We can all conjure the image of what we think a car salesperson looks and acts like. But that stereotype does not exist at Chapman Chevrolet. Our sales staff is friendly, caring, smart and genuinely interested in helping customers find the vehicle of their choosing at a fair price. After all, we’ve been selling cars since 1967 and we’re proud of the reputation we’ve upheld for nearly 45 years.

Consumers should not be afraid to bargain. Sales people are there to make a deal work within market value. Asking for the ‘out-the-door price’ is a great way to minimize the negotiation process. Many consumers who come prepared with research and pricing from reputable sources such as or often get a great deal.

However, with any car purchase, a certain amount of fees are unavoidable. Those include, but are not limited to, tax, title, license, documentation and any optional equipment (the higher trim level equipment that can be added to a vehicle). These fees vary from vehicle to vehicle and often depend on whether you are purchasing or leasing. Fees also vary based on the city and/or state where the vehicle is purchased or leased.  If you see a suspicious fee added to any vehicle contract we advise that you voice your concern. In some cases (not all) if may be possible to negotiate to have to the fees removed. 

At Chapman Chevrolet two factory-certified mechanics go over every vehicle to check for issues. If concerns are found, then the vehicle is sent to auction. We also offer extended warranties for vehicles under 100,000 miles for peace of mind. In addition, all pre-owned vehicles have a 15 day or 500 mile state implied warranty. It’s called a “state implied warranty” because it is required by the state for every used car sold by a dealer. It covers “fitness of merchantability” which means that that the car needs to run and go from point A to point B. So, things like accessories, trim, wear and tear items and so forth are not covered. The state implied warranty can also be waived and a car can be sold as-is, where is and how is. However, at Chapman Chevrolet, we stand behind everything we sell. This is why we never waive the state implied warranty. This can be an advantage for the buyer, because purchasing from a private owner is generally an as-is sale—you pay for it and it’s yours no matter what happens.

 As with most customers, the results of this unofficial poll reveal that consumers want to receive a customer service experience that meets and exceeds their expectations. A car is one of the most important purchases a person will make in their lifetime. As such, the person who sells you the vehicle should work to gain your trust and treat you in a respectful manner. At Chapman Chevrolet, customers can be confident that they will have a stress-free and efficient car buying experience. Who knows, you may even earn a best friend in the process.