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There’s nothing more exciting than buying a new car. Although the new car smell, exciting new features, and the technological advances over your previous car are sure to keep your mind occupied; it’s important not to lose sight of what’s going to keep your car running a long time.

Taking care of your new car is key from the second you drive it off the lot at Chapman Chevy. Breaking in your car can impact the way it performs for the entirety of its life. Your car’s parts need time to settle in before you drive like there’s no tomorrow, much like your feet in a new pair of shoes.

Most modern cars usually come with a recommended break-in period between 600 to 1,200 miles, though there are some variations. To fully understand all of the specifics of your car, the first thing you should do is read your owner’s manual. This may sound tedious, but you will more than likely find all of the information you are searching for; including information on the break in period of your new Chevrolet phoenix.

The break-in period basically comes down to the piston rings. When a car is first assembled, these certain little bands do not exactly fit and need to set properly. The driving time your owner’s manual recommends is how long it takes for the piston rings to settle into place and create a tight seal that can’t leak oil. As a rule of thumb, be gentle with the car for the first thousand miles. The rpm of the car should not surpass 4,500 to ensure that the piston rings settle properly and the car will run much longer than usual. Try working the throttle more gently to avoid stressing the engine.

During these first thousand miles or so, it is important to limit your speed.  Lower initial speeds will ease the car into the process of driving and once it has adjusted then feel free to rev up the engine and hit the highway.
Although it isn’t a mandatory part of breaking in the car, it would also be beneficial to get the oil changed near the end of the break in period, or after 1,000 miles.

For more information on the break in period of your new car, visit Chevrolet Phoenix.