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Chevy Bowtie

The Chevrolet “bowtie” logo is one of the most easily recognizable trademarks in use.  Spotting the locations of Arizona Chevy dealers is as simple as spotting the bowtie logo.  In fact, finding a Chevrolet dealer has now been this easy for 100 years – 2013 marks the 100th anniversary of the Chevrolet bowtie.  Chapman Chevy marks the occasion with a brief description of the bowtie’s history.

Originally introduced by Chevrolet co-founder William C. Durant in 1913, the bowtie logo’s creation is a matter shrouded in some mystery.  The prevailing tale of the bowtie’s origin states that Durant, while traveling in France, saw the shape being used as a design motif on hotel wallpaper.  According to the story, Durant tore off a piece of the wallpaper and showed it to several of his colleagues before adopting it for use by Chevrolet.

Another story, published in a 1986 issue of Chevrolet Pro Management Magazine, says that Durant first saw the design in Virginia and instantly thought that it would make a good automobile logo – if this explanation is true, then Durant correctly predicted that Chevy dealers in Arizona and around the world would proudly display the bowtie for over a century.

Other explanations include the possibility that Durant borrowed the bowtie from the Southern Compressed Coal Company’s advertisements for one of their products.  Another explanation likens the bowtie to the Swiss flag – Louis Chevrolet was born in Switzerland and may have used the symbol to commemorate his birthplace.

Whatever its origin, the bowtie logo has reached iconic status and continues to expand globally as a trademark representing one of the world’s favorite automakers.  Chevrolet boasts a lineup of remodeled legends, like the Camaro and the 2014 Corvette Stingray, and innovative new entries, like the Cruze and Volt.  Stop by your Phoenix Chevy dealer today to see all that Chevrolet has to offer – just look for the bowtie and know that you will receive service that has lasted a century.


The 2013 Chevrolet Sonic has been racking up a number of awards in a short time and is carving out its own spot in the modern market. For a long time the best small, fuel-efficient cars were usually built in Asia. The new 2 and 4-door Sonic is a symbol of that change. The Sonic may be one of the first fuel-efficient subcompacts built by an American company that can compete with the overseas market. Right now it’s not only competing with the foreign market, but is pulling away as one of the most awarded subcompact cars in the market.

The Sonic was given a “Best Buy” award from Consumer Guide Automotive and a “Best Buy” award from Consumer DigestConsumer Guide Automotive also said the Sonic is “fun to drive” with a “surprising depth and breadth of features.” The nice thing about the Sonic is that even though it is inexpensive, it has more tech features than most standard vehicles out there. This includes being the first car in the industry to have Siri hands free technology. It also has “the most affordable in dash navigation” with MyLink radio and the BringGo app.

Sonic has undisputedly made quantum leaps in the domestic market. It gets about 30 miles per gallon, is subcompact and has all the modern perks of technology. However, what makes it stand out the most, and the main reason it sells quickly at Chapman Chevrolet is because it is leading the way in safety. The Sonic is an IIHS 2013 top-safety pick. It was also the only car in its segment to receive a 5/5 rating from the NHTSA.  Sonic has side airbags, front and rear head curtain airbags, front and rear seat-mounted torso airbags and rollover sensors designed to “deploy the side curtain airbags in the event of an impending rollover.” It also has driver and front passenger knee airbags, electronic stability control and daytime running lights.

For all these reason the Sonic is making waves in the USA. For the first time, shoppers can by an American-made fuel-efficient car and not have to compromise quality or technology. Sonic is a game changer and will change the way all American automakers approach the subcompact market. For more information, visit Chapman Chevrolet or your local Phoenix Chevy dealer.