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1935_2015_Chevy Suburban

Celebrating 80 years as a classic people-hauler, the 2015 Chevy Suburban is getting a facelift, some body work, and new powerhouse under the hood.

The front of the SUV is redesigned to look smoother, according to The headlights are different and wrap around into the fender. The doors for the vehicle were also redesigned so that they are inset into the frame rather than reaching to the top of the vehicle. While more aluminum was used in the making of the new model, the SUV still weighs between 5,500 and 5,800 pounds.

The new 5.3-liter, small-block V8 engine delivers 355hp and is the same engine found in the Chevy Silverado. Estimates for its fuel efficiency have not been released, but it is expected that the new, more efficient direct-injection engine will get better than the 15mpg/city – 21mpg/highway the 2013 Suburban currently averages. Tow capacity is rated at 8,300 pounds.

New safety features include a standard center airbag between the driver and passenger, active cruise control, blind-spot warning, forward collision alert, lane departure warning and adaptive suspension on the LTZ models. Suburbans have always been a target of theives, but customers at the Chevy dealer in Phoenix will find new technology such as window breakage sensors and vertical/interior movement sensors will disable the key systems and the vehicle’s ability to roll or start, thwarting would-be thieves.

Interior improvements include upgraded upholstery, 5-8-inch touchscreen displays, Chevy’s MyLink smartphone integration system and third-row seats that fold into the floor, a first for this 80-year-old Grande Dame. The entertainment system has been upgraded with USB ports, six power outlets, and a DVD player for the back seats.

Price and fuel-efficiency numbers are expected in January 2014; look for the 2015 Suburban to hit the Chapman Chevrolet showroom next summer.