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Chevy Mylink

While luxury cars have traditionally gotten the best gadgets, smartphones have had an equalizing effect across the automotive spectrum. And while software updates are finally coming to automotive infotainment systems, typical dashboard electronics are frozen in time once they leave the factory, whereas smartphones can be easily and infinitely updated. However, Chevrolet may have come up with the best solution to date with the Chevy MyLink smartphone-based infotainment system.

Available on most new Chevy cars, the MyLink system allows users to control online services through apps, voice commands or the touch-screen interface. The car is able to access online content via a smartphone with a 3G data connection connected through Bluetooth, which also allows for drivers to control their phone wirelessly. MyLink integrates OnStar’s services that include Advanced Automatic Collision Notification, roadside assistance, vehicle diagnostics information, live advisors, and turn-by-turn navigation.

Similar to an iPhone, drivers will be able to personalize their screen by putting the interface into edit mode, and move icons around on the touch screen. The icons cover everything from navigation to phone to apps such as Pandora. To make the system better suited to drivers, there are only eight icons per screen.

For quick access to functions such as navigation, drivers will be able to save up to four icons to an upper strip on the interface. Those icons will remain static as the driver goes into different functions, such as music playback menus. A driver will be able to save practically anything in the system to one of the 60 available Favorites, such as a phone number, destination, music genre, or a radio station. The Favorites initially appear as numbers, but drivers can customize each button to show what it is.

Chevy’s MyLink enables speech recognition that lets you use simple voice commands to initiate phone calls, select radio stations or play music from your compatible smartphone, MP3 player or a music-loaded flash drive. All you have to do is tap a button on your steering wheel and speak a command. Voice recognition capabilities vary by vehicle and model, but with MyLink all you have to do is say what you want and you’ll have it.

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Truck consumers will rejoice at the recent news about Chevrolet’s 2014 Silverado. It received a five-star score from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra are the first trucks to ever ace the crash test and receive five stars from the NHTSA. In the past, it has been commonly accepted that trucks are not as safe as cars to drive, a result of less than stellar crash tests. But recent advancements in technology have changed truck crash safety for the better.

Part of the reason why these trucks have passed the test this year is thanks to their recent redesign. Fully-boxed frames, stronger steel and more safety-related features have made these trucks safer than ever before. To look at some newly-redesigned Chevrolet trucks visit Phoenix Chevy.

The new 2014 Silverado comes with six standard airbags with a 360-degree sensor system. In addition to occupant protection, the truck also comes with crash-avoidance technology such as StabiliTrack and Trailer Sway Control. Rounding out the tech features is a forward collision alert system, lane departure warning, anti-lock brakes, daytime running lamps, a safety alert driver’s seat and a rear-vision camera system with dynamic guide lines.

OnStar safety features include automatic crash response, which immediately connects to an OnStar advisor when sensors detect the vehicle has been in a crash; and navigation features such as Turn-by-Turn Navigation and Hands-Free Calling, designed to keep driver’s eyes on the road.

Truck lovers can now relax knowing their new vehicle is safer than ever. The combination of a redesigned body and innovative safety techonology make the Silverado a must buy.

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