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Chapman Chevrolet recently hosted an exclusive 3D prescreening of Transformers Age of Extinction at Harkins Movie Theaters for both employees and customers. The two and a half hour plus film was full of intense action, car chase scenes, and featured numerous Chevy vehicles.

Most famous of the cars is the Camaro autobot Bumblebee. Bumblebee is played both by a vintage and futuristic Camaro rumored to be the 2015 or 2016 design.  Other cars in the movie included a green Stingray Corvette, Chevrolet Sonic, Chevrolet Trax, Lamborghini Aventador, and a Bugattie Veyron along with numerous non transforming cars.

The new cast and storyline of Transformers Age of Extinction takes very little from previous films besides some key characters.  With a 165 million dollar budget for explosions, set design, cars, and extras, viewers are unlikely to get tired of this fast-paced action flick. The film takes place both in China as well as the USA and has a touching father/daughter storyline alongside autobot action.  Both old Transformers fans as well as new movie followers can get excited by the introduction of massive dinobots and a new alien autobot species featured throughout the show.  While the movie ends happily, a small cliff hanger leaves moviegoers confident that there will be another installment in the Transformers series.

Transformers 4 will be out in theaters Friday, June 27 in both 2D and 3D. Stop by a Phoenix Chevrolet dealership to check out some of the cars featured in the movie.


Demand for Trucks and SUVs Key Sales Spike

Customers looking for large family moving vehicles and pickup trucks drove General Motors sales last month up 18 percent from January of 2014. Truck and SUV sales were the biggest reason behind the increase, showing a 47 percent hike from a year ago. Also responsible for the increase in sales were 8,000 deliveries of the Chevrolet Colorado and it’s sister truck, the GMC Canyon.

Truck of the Year Appeals to Wide Demographic

Head to Chapman Chevy in Tempe and check out the all-new Colorado, “Motor Trend” magazine’s Truck of the Year for 2015. The mid-size hauler obliterated its rivals in comparison testing and established itself as the new market leader. Sporty styling and a choice of a fuel-efficient 4-cylinder or more powerful V-6 are two of the reasons truck lovers are rushing to dealerships to snap up the new models. It’s modest size appeals to buyers who want the versatility of a pickup truck, but still have to deal with the reality of driving in a congested area.

Chevy Silverado Focuses on Fundamentals

The Chevrolet Silverado theme song, “Like a Rock,” encapsulates the design theory behind this popular pickup. As customers lined up in January to buy new Silverados, they weren’t overcome by fancy technology or spaceship-like architecture. What customers wanted, and received, was a solid pickup that has stood the test of time. As the bully of the block, the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado is a little stockier with straighter design cues than the 2014 model. Described by its designer as a “fist in the wind,” the Silverado makes no bones that it has come to work and work hard. Although plenty of luxury and technology features contrast the comfortable interior with the rugged exterior, Silverado’s hauling and towing capacity tame the longest mountain roads with ease. You can view a wide selection of Silverados at Chapman Chevy in Tempe.

Chevy Full-size SUVs Dominate Market

The popular Tahoe and Suburban make up nearly half of all full-size SUV sales in the United States, a dominance echoed in the January sales figures. The two most reliable performers in the Chevy lineup have some new features, like electric power steering and an improved fuel saving measure that operates the V-8 engine in 4-cylinder mode when cruising. Fuel mileage is virtually identical on both the 4-wheel drive and 2-wheel drive Tahoe models. The Suburban is the oldest production vehicle in America, still going strong after 80 years on the road. There’s little in common between the 1935 and 2015 models except the nameplate, but the Suburban continues to roll on as the most popular large family hauler in American history.


Bolt Expected to Start at $30,000

Unveiled as a concept car at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, the new all-electric Chevrolet Bolt is expected to compete with the range of the Tesla S model at less than half the price. Bolt will have a range of about 200 miles, a little less than the Tesla S but in a price range much more affordable to the average consumer. Slated for arrival to Chapman Chevrolet’s showroom in two years, the Bolt shows Chevy’s continuing commitment to the electric car market.

Bolt to Sell in all 50 States

Unlike Chevy’s Spark Electric Vehicle, the Bolt will be available all across the nation. This will make Chevrolet the only carmaker to offer both an all-electric vehicle and hybrid in all its dealerships. Although the name of the new vehicle may change to avoid confusion, the Bolt and hybrid Volt put Chevy at the top of the list as a provider of super fuel-efficient vehicles. Visit your Phoenix Chevy dealer to view all the fuel-efficient vehicles under the bowtie brand.

Technology Taken to the Next Level

Have you always wanted a car that can pull into the garage all by itself? Bolt’s auto-valet function will put the car away and pull itself out of storage by voice command. Twin information screens and a touch dash provide 21st century connection with Internet and navigation capabilities. Bolt’s app also has a ride-sharing function, in which a driver can accept reservations and take payment.

200-Mile Range Eliminates Driver Anxiety

Although driving a purely electric car across country can still be a challenge, GM executives believe the Bolt’s extensive range will eliminate any worries from the average commuter about running out of power. Depending on the type of charging connection, the Bolt will recharge to capacity in as little as three hours. This provides ample time for the average commuter to have a fully restored vehicle every morning.

Low Gas Prices Not Stopping Chevy’s Look to Future

Although gas prices have now dipped well below $2 a gallon in most parts of the nation, Chevrolet management vows to keep pushing forward in the development of environmentally friendly vehicles. Upstart Tesla, which has taken the electric vehicle world by storm, provides part of that motivation. “Like it or not, they think big,” Steve Girsky, GM vice chairman told the Detroit News. “Big in terms of range,