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Although General Motors suffered through difficult times beginning with the 2008 global economic recession, buoyed by strong sales from Chevrolet and the creation of an innovative product line, the company is as strong as ever and looking at ways to dominate the American car market in the coming years.

Energy Efficient Volt Leads the Way

Chevrolet’s plug-in hybrid vehicle, the Volt, has sold more than 80,000 units since its arrival in late 2010. An all-new Volt was unveiled at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, promising a longer driving range, one additional seat and better performance. The Volt is drawing a more highly educated customer base to the Chevrolet product line. Almost 80 percent of Volt buyers have a college degree and are earning well into six figures a year. Another promising trend is that the new Volt customers are trading in other models, primarily the Toyota Prius. See the Volt today at Chapman Chevy.

Corvette and Camaro Provide Sporty Alternatives

Preferred by baby boomers and young professionals alike, the American sports car market continues to turn to both Corvette and Camaro to satisfy the need for speed at different price points. A base Camaro still manages to turn the heads of innocent pedestrians at a price tag well under $30,000. The standard Corvette goes for twice that amount, but is a popular choice for the driver who wants to announce her arrival with a roar instead of a whisper. Both vehicles remain popular in racing circles, with the Corvette proving to be a world-class competitor against some of the most expensive racecars on Earth. A Corvette C7.R recently won its class at the Daytona International Speedway in the 53rd Annual Rolex 24. Check out the complete line of Corvettes and Camaros at your Phoenix Chevrolet dealer.

Silverado and Colorado Hold Their Own in Truck World

With full and mid-size offerings that easily compete with rivals in terms of both payload and power, the multiple trim levels of the Chevy Silverado and Colorado are a major reason why the company rebounded so quickly from the recession of 2008. Based on a double or crew cab Z71, the new Midnight Edition creates an all black silhouette against the night sky. Black wheels, molding, bumpers, grill and even headlights create a stealth effect that denotes an air of mystery for drivers lucky enough to own one. The Midnight Edition is limited to a 5,000-unit production run and is available to order in February.

All-new Trax Provides Utility and Efficiency

Another in a long line of Chevrolet innovations, the new Trax SUV makes sense for the urban driver who needs the ability to haul people and a payload around town. With features like OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi, rear vision camera and 7-inch navigation screen, Trax offers technology designed to get you through traffic and on to your destination as quickly as possible. An innovative fold down front passenger seat expands the hauling area as needed. See the Trax now at Chapman Chevy.


For more than 40 years, car enthusiasts have been debating the advantages of the Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger. Whether you’re a Chevy fan, love the blue oval or are fascinated by all things Mopar, you can’t argue that the continuation of this muscle car rivalry is good for American automakers.

2015 Camaro Continues to Turn Heads

With a base 323 horsepower V-6, the LS and LT models of the Camaro at Chapman Chevrolet provide plenty of muscle to back up the car’s aggressive styling. The Camaro packs more standard horsepower and less weight than either of its longtime rivals. Although the new 707-horsepower Challenger Hellcat offers more top-end punch than the Camaro or Mustang, daily drivers have to question how often they would need that much power, which comes with a fancy price tag.

Camaro 1LE Compared to Porsche 911 GT3

The reviewers at “Car and Driver” magazine compare the handling package of the 2015 Chevrolet Camaro 1LE with that of the much more expensive Porsche 911. With enlarged front and rear anti-roll bars, monotube shocks and 20-inch wheels, the Camaro corners as though it’s on rails. Sensitive steering and throttle linkage provides instantaneous response to create a driving experience unmatched by other Detroit muscle cars. Check out the 1 LE along with the complete line of Camaros available at Chapman Chevrolet.

2015 Mustang Features Complete Redesign

Although engineers have tweaked the look of the new Camaro and Challenger, Ford went back to the drawing board for the 2015 Mustang. The 50th Anniversary Mustang provides a lower and wider stance in an attempt to take the title of top-selling muscle car away from the Camaro. A new turbo-charged four-cylinder engine will undoubtedly increase gas mileage, but whether or not that’s a feature that muscle car owners are looking for is yet to be seen.

Highs and Lows of Each Model

Car reviewers like the throaty roar of the 2015 Challenger, but are not enamored with the size and feel of the car. The brakes are not as responsive as needed in a sports car and body roll in tight corners is a problem. Drivers loved the handling of the Camaro and the excellent response from the accelerator and steering. Although visibility was a concern, styling and comfort provided high marks for Chevy. The Mustang’s tiny back seat was an issue, but the car handled well. The good news is that no matter what model you choose, the Detroit muscle car is back with a vengeance.

Hand with money and car keys

Although you will almost always get more money if you sell your old vehicle rather than trade it in, most people don’t want to deal with the hassle and security issues of a private party sale. The convenience of trading your used car in to Chapman Chevrolet is often worth the difference in price. These five tips go a long way toward maximizing the amount you receive for your old car.

Clean the vehicle inside and out

To be honest, paying for a detailing job does not add a lot when an appraiser goes to value your trade-in. However, a reasonably clean car shows pride of ownership and can mean the difference between receiving an offer either below or above wholesale value. Take a few minutes and run it through the car wash and make sure to use a vacuum. This is also a good opportunity to remove any personal papers or property in case you do purchase a new car.

Do your homework

The car buyers at Chapman Chevrolet appreciate a customer who goes to the trouble to determine the rough value of their trade-in. Many customers remember the purchase price of their vehicle and just knock a few thousand off. There are many factors that go into determining the market value of a car, including model closeouts, gas prices and the overall economy. Chapman Chevrolet also offers a handy online tool to help value your trade-in.

Understand the market

Even though you can determine a rough trade-in value with the help of web tools, you also have to consider the market. If gas prices are high, chances are your V-10 family hauler will be tougher for the dealer to sell than a small economy car. Dealer stock also comes into play. If a dealership has a large number of the particular type of vehicle you are trading in, chances are the offer will be lower than usual.


The negotiation process does not have to be contentious. Remember that when you are buying a car, what you are really looking for is the difference between what the dealership offers for your car and the price of the new vehicle. One dealership may offer more for your vehicle, but less of a discount on the new car. Always look at the difference in price between the two vehicles, as that is what you are ultimately financing.

Take the emotion out of the transaction

At Chapman Chevrolet, the buyers understand that you may be emotionally attached to your car, but ultimately a trade-in is a business transaction. They will offer as much as possible for your vehicle, but as a business it is necessary to turn a profit. By understanding the market and having a good idea what your car is realistically worth, the trade-in process can be pain-free and you can focus on the excitement of buying a new Chevy.