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New Camaro Unveiling Soon

Although the official unveiling of the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro isn’t until the middle of May, the company has released some teaser facts about the technology new owners can expect when they step up to the latest model. Depending on a driver’s mood and road conditions, it’s possible to adjust the Camaro’s suspension and responsiveness to provide the best possible driving experience. A Driver Mode Selector allows you to switch between settings for snow and ice, tour and sport. The SS model will also allow you to choose a track setting for those days when you want to challenge yourself and your new Camaro. With each click of the dial, your Camaro adjusts for throttle progression, steering and stability. Check out the new settings for yourself when the Camaro arrives at Chapman Chevrolet later this year.

Ride Control Adjust Dampers

The new Camaro SS will also have Magnetic Ride Control as an option, allowing you the ability to choose from three preset damper selections, tour, sport and track. The dampers respond to driver commands at 1,000 times each second, automatically setting the suspension to give you maximum control. A new and improved dual exhaust system lets you take the mufflers out of the exhaust loop when you need that extra kick of performance and a guttural roar.

See the New Camaro May 16

The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro will get its first public reveal on May 16 at an all-day event in Detroit. The secrecy with which Chevy has treated this latest generation pony car has increased the public excitement and the Internet is abuzz with rumors about what to expect. Chevrolet’s website is teasing the public by releasing small glimpses of the new design, along with recordings of the car’s hearty exhaust sound. If you can’t wait for the release of the new vehicle, drive over to Chapman Chevrolet and take advantage of great deals on the current Camaro model year.

Spy Photos Reveal Nastier Design

If the spy photos posted on some Internet sites are accurate, Chevy is going for a “take no prisoners” look with the new Camaro. Deeply recessed headlights make it look like the car is scowling as it comes down the road. A sharper roof angle and shorter wheelbase give the car a lower profile, although it appears a bit wider than the current model. Flared wheel wells and substantial tires provide a platform that suggests this is one pony car that will have not trouble unleashing its aggression.


Positive Pranks Help Introduce New Malibu

Chevrolet turned a new twist on April Fool’s Day by celebrating the #bestdayever with a number of events designed to surprise and delight more than 12,000 people. Utilizing concerts, surprise celebrity visits, free gas cards and a trip to Disney World for 200 children and mentors, Chevrolet got the hashtag #bestdayever trending on social media outlets. The event resulted in more than 1.5 billion social media impressions and over 600 comments per minute.

Event Kicks Off with Malibu Introduction

Utilizing Chevy’s YouTube channel, the company kicked off the day of fun with a live streaming event that unveiled the all new Malibu. Available in both gasoline and hybrid configurations, the 2016 Malibu features a total redesign from an aerodynamic and aggressive exterior to an interior that sports such features as Teen Driver, a system to help your teen stay safe while on the road. The car acts as a traveling hot spot with its 4G LTE Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing all passengers to surf the Internet while traveling down the highway. Inspect the all new Malibu for yourself when it hits the showroom at Chapman Chevrolet later this year.

Alec Baldwin, Olivia Wilde and Spike Lee Make Appearances

The students at an Occidental College history class were delighted when Alec Baldwin made an appearance as Abe Lincoln and engaged the students in a discussion about the 16th president. Actress Olivia Wilde was a surprise substitute teacher at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and famous director Spike Lee spoke with students about achieving their dreams at a Harlem Children Zone. New mom and pop sensation Kelly Clarkson put on an impromptu concert for expectant and new mothers at Los Angeles’ Grove shopping center.

They’re Going to Disney World

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the day lay in wait for 100 participants in the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program of Central Florida when they thought they were going to an arcade for a play event. Instead, Chevrolet sent them and their mentors on a trip to Disney World, complete with a pair of mouse ears.

Chevrolet Turning Car World on its Ear

Keep in touch with the folks at Chapman Chevrolet in Tempe for more news on the company’s updated vehicles as they arrive later this year. Along with the new Malibu, Chevy is also producing a brand new Volt and Spark, which were already introduced at auto shows across the nation. The public is breathlessly anticipating the design of the new Camaro, which will be revealed at a special event in the middle of May.


Longest Continuous Production Vehicle

It was exactly 80 years ago when the first Chevrolet Suburban rolled off the production line, beginning a legacy that no one saw in the making. 1935 marked the early stages of what would become World War II, “It Happened One Night” won the Academy Award for Best Picture and the Chicago Cubs lost the World Series to the Detroit Tigers, 4 games to 2. While all that was going on, Chevrolet finalized plans for a large, enclosed vehicle that would serve both as a people hauler and cargo carrier. Little did designers know that eight decades later the company would deliver its 10 millionth Suburban from the Arlington assembly line in Texas and celebrate with a party.

Twelve Generations of Suburban

The 2015 Suburban doesn’t stray too far from its 1935 ancestors in some ways, but is from another universe in others. The original vehicle could seat eight, while the modern Suburban seats nine. Both have plenty of room for cargo and provide the versatility needed in a utility vehicle, but the comparisons stop there. The 1935 was powered by a six-cylinder inline engine that generated a whopping 60 horsepower. It was intended for use as a commercial hauler. The 2015 model comes with an EcoTec3 5.3-liter V-8 engine that generates 355 horsepower, which is plenty for towing or hauling a Cub Scout troop to a mountain retreat. While the initial Suburban had few options, you can get a wide variety of creature comforts on the 2015 Suburban including keyless entry, push button start, rear-seat entertainment and premium sound. The 1935 Suburban was mostly truck, while the new model is a luxury vehicle with an outstanding hauling and towing capacity. Although commercial sales did cease during World War II, the Suburban was still in production as a military vehicle. See the new Suburban for yourself at Chapman Chevrolet.

Outlasted the Competition

Although Dodge and Ford have tried to compete with the Chevrolet Suburban over the years, all those efforts eventually went by the wayside. Suburbans have seen many uses over the years, from commercial carryalls to armored transportation for the President of the United States and foreign dignitaries. The sheer size and versatility of the Suburban have made it a popular transportation choice for large families, organized athletic teams and religious groups. The 13th generation of the Suburban is slated for release in 2019, a year after Chevrolet introduces the next generation of its truck line.


Reduces Costs in Case of Collision

It’s not easy to design a truck these days that is both fuel-efficient and tough enough to stand up to a work schedule. The Chevrolet Silverado does both and also incorporates a design that makes repairs easier and cost-effective. Design advancements in the front frame rail, front fenders, body panels and roof panels all make fixing a fender bender or serious collision more straight forward and less time consuming. Check with your insurance agent to see if Silverado’s advanced repair technology can save you money on your monthly bill.

Simply Unbolt Front Fenders

In many vehicles the front fenders are not just bolted on, they are welded to the body. This means that a body repair technician has to unbolt the fenders and drill the welds to remove a damaged fender. The new Silverado has a two-piece inner and outer fender that is bolted together. Replacing the fender is as simple as removing a few bolts, putting on the new piece and then tightening it down.

Frame Rails Negate Replacing Entire Chassis

The new Chevrolet Silverado incorporates a unique engineering design on the front frame rails. If the truck takes a frontal impact, it’s possible to cut away a small portion of the frame and not replace the entire chassis. A fully assembled section makes the repair go quick and cuts down on the repair bill. Visit Chapman Chevrolet in Tempe and look at the wide selection of Silverados that range from basic trucks to special editions that feature a luxurious interior and stunning paint job.

Bed and Body Side Repair Easier

If your cab takes a hit, it’s easy for a repair specialist to simply order a body side outer, then cut away the damage and replace the whole side. Similarly, the bed has the option to simply replace the outer portion. It’s not necessary to buy an entire new box for a little side damage. “Our goal is to only have weld seems where we absolutely need them,” Szlachta said. An easily repaired body is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Silverado’s innovations. A CornerStep rear bumper makes it easy to get in and out of the bed and a lift system makes loading heavy items a breeze. Silverado has the power, technology and design to make it a best in class choice for an American pickup.