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2016 Chevrolet Trax Midnight Edition. The Trax Midnight Edition goes on sale late February 2016.

Take a Trip to Dark Side With Chevy Trax

For those who like a stealth approach to maneuvering through urban congestion or a fun night on the town, the Chevrolet Trax is coming out with a Midnight Edition with black on top of black. Black molding, black door handles, black wheels and black paint make this popular little crossover vehicle a force with which to be reckoned. “Introduced just a year ago, the Trax has quickly become an important vehicle for Chevrolet, bringing in new, younger and more female buyers to the brand,” according to Chevy senior marketing manager Betsy Flegg. Flegg says the Trax offers customers an “expressive option” to other vehicles in the small SUV market. You can see the Trax Midnight Edition at Chapman Chevrolet starting in late February.

Midnight Edition Based on LTZ Trim Package

The Trax Midnight Edition starts with the top-of-the-line LTZ package and then adds the black-out modifications. Along with a six-way power driver seat, heated front seats, front fog lamps and leatherette seating, the LTZ also comes with a premium Bose sound system to help drown out the daily noise. Rear park assist helps you fit into those tight city spots as easy as pulling into your own driveway. An auto-dimming rear view mirror and leather-wrapped steering wheel add to the amenities of this fun little SUV. The entire Midnight Edition package is only a $500 upgrade to the LTZ price tag.

Trax Designed for Tight City Driving

With fuel efficiency of up to 34 miles per gallon, agile performance and all the amenities you need for tooling around in a congested urban area, the Chevrolet Trax is designed to tame stressful city driving. Available Wi-Fi connectivity keeps you and your passengers hooked up to the Internet during long commutes. Siri Eyes Free lets you make calls and answer texts while keeping your focus on the road. The OnStar system provides you with everything from navigation tips to emergency help should you ever find yourself in a collision.

Chevy’s SUV Lineup Provides Wide Range of Choices

From the enormous family-hauling Suburban and the popular large Tahoe to the Traverse, Equinox and Trax, Chapman Chevrolet has the best choice of crossovers and SUVs provided by any automaker. Depending on your needs for seating space, cargo room and power for hauling or towing, Chevrolet’s utility lineup provides a wealth of choices in a one-stop shopping atmosphere. Stop by Chapman Chevrolet today and take your time before selecting the vehicle that fits your needs perfectly.


Long Range, Low Price Should Prove Attractive to Consumers

When the Chevy Bolt made its first official appearance at the Consumer Electronic Show earlier this year, it was like a warning gun sounding off to electric vehicle manufacturers like Tesla and BMW. With a range of about 200 miles per charge and price after rebates of about $30,000, the new Bolt conquers two of the obstacles previously facing electric cars. Along with the hefty price of a Tesla, one of the main stumbling obstacles was a limited range of well under 100 miles for most vehicles. At 200 miles, consumers feel more confident they won’t run out of power before they have the opportunity to recharge. Expect the Bolt to arrive at Chapman Chevrolet later this year.

GM Partnership With Lyft Expected to Boost Bolt Sales

General Motors owns about 10 percent of the rideshare giant Lyft. By providing cars to Lyft drivers and eventually creating a network of self-driving cars, GM hopes to expose more people to the Bolt, resulting in increased sales. “When you look at Lyft, the places they do well are places we don’t do well, like California and the Northeast,” said Mark Reuss, GM global product boss. “It’s great exposure for us to get people into one of our most progressive cars.” The Bolt is the perfect vehicle for congested urban traffic. It not only has a surprising amount of room inside, but it’s easily maneuverable and very efficient.

Bolt “Peppy and Responsive” According to Reviewer

When a “Forbes” magazine staffer took the Bolt for a ride earlier this month, she was surprised at how peppy the little car was, comparing it to a little rally car. Along with the large interior, the low interior floor makes it very easy to enter and exit. Tall people have plenty of head and legroom and three children or two adults fit neatly in the back seat. It comes with 4G LTE Wi-Fi, which is important now to use apps and other services, but will be critical in the future when self-driving cars are the way of the road. “The Bolt is more than just a car,” according to Mary Barra, GM chief executive. “It’s an upgradeable platform for new technologies. This isn’t some science project.”

Bolt Filled With Clever Features

Along with a huge 10.2-inch touchscreen that contains vital vehicle information and all your infotainment and hands-free communication needs, the Chevy Bolt is filled with tons of smart little storage spaces, including a place for your tablet underneath a sliding armrest. Folding rear seats provide almost 17 cubic feet of cargo space, while sturdy interior materials make it a great choice for the rideshare industry. Experience the Bolt for yourself later this year when it makes its first appearance at Chapman Chevrolet.


America’s Love Affair With SUVs Still Going Strong

New car sales records from all automakers show that the love affair Americans have with SUVs has never been stronger. Record sales across the board of full size SUVs like the 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe show that people like the luxury, comfort and spacious interior provided by these cargo and people haulers. The Tahoe is one of the most popular full-size SUVs on the road, providing a wide variety of affordable trim levels from the austere to some of the most luxurious large vehicles on the road. Stop by Chapman Chevrolet today and see just how pleasant it is to drive a new Tahoe.

Best-in-Class Fuel Economy Paves the Way

Even though gas has stayed at record low levels for more than a year, it’s nice to have a vehicle that still keeps you away from the pumps as long as possible. The 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe offers 23 miles per gallon out on the highway, an amazing number for a vehicle with so much capability. The Tahoe has a 5.3-liter EcoTec3 engine that provides an impressive 355 horsepower and 383-foot pounds of torque. It’s a great choice for recreational towing needs, with plenty of power and oomph to pull a boat or travel trailer while delivering a comfortable ride.

4G LTE Wi-Fi Keeps You Connected

Although it’s a beast in the towing department, you don’t sacrifice technology when purchasing a Tahoe. With available built in Wi-Fi, Apple CarPlay and Chevy’s MyLink hands free communication system, you and your riders will stay in touch with the world during commutes or longer road trips. An 8-inch diagonal screen keeps all your available apps just a touch away, including navigation, podcasts and streaming music services. Chevy’s new wireless charging system helps keep your phone battery full while keeping it cool. There are 13 total charging stations in the new Tahoe, including six USB ports so everyone’s portable electronics are always ready to use.

Structure and Technology Combine for Safety

The Tahoe’s sturdy steel cage combines with seven airbags and a number of available driver assistance features to create one of the safest vehicles on the road. Side blind zone alert gives an audible warning if you start to change lanes with an unseen vehicle in the way. Lane keep assist warns you on those late nights when tired eyes can cause you to drift out of your lane. Rear cross traffic alert uses sensors to let you know when oncoming traffic makes backing up a challenge. Head over to Chapman Chevrolet and see why the 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe is the SUV of choice for many families.


Only Two Production Extended Range Cars Available

As the only two range-extended electric vehicles in mass production by automakers, the Chevrolet Volt and the new BMW i3 Rex were natural choices for comparison by editors at “Green Car Reports.” To start, the loose definition of “range extended” means it’s a vehicle primarily expected to be driven in all-electric mode, but with a small gas engine that allows you to go farther than the batteries will allow. The first difference is the gas engine. The Chevy has an 84-horsepower gas motor that provides a range of more than 300 miles above the vehicle’s 38-mile electric limitations. The i3 only has a 35-horsepower motor that really isn’t intended for cross-country trips, but rather to get you home once you go past the 72-mile electric range. “The range extender is not intended for daily use,” according to BMW. “It’s for situations when the driver needs to extend the range of the vehicle to reach the next charging station.” Head over to your Phoenix Chevy dealer, Chapman Chevrolet and take a Volt for a drive to experience the smooth transition between the electric and gas motors.

Mountain Mode Helps Volt Up Hills

Although testing showed the Volt has very little difference in acceleration whether using gas or electric propulsion, heading up long inclines does require the two to work in concert. Chevy’s solution is “mountain mode,” a selection available to drivers which kicks in the range extender engine while the batteries are still at 40 percent. The i3 has no such option, so climbing long hills can be a slower excursion. Still, for normal commutes, both vehicles provide plenty of pep in urban settings.

Volt Handling Has Luxury Feel

The editors at “Green Car Reports” loved the handling and ride of the Chevrolet Volt, calling it “low-effort and vibration-free.” They called driving the Chevy more like driving a luxury sedan, while the BMW offered sportier handling that could either be described as “responsive” or “a bit harsh.” BMW is known for making sports sedans that allow a driver to feel the road, but in the little i3 the handling seemed a bit jittery, but definitely closer to the sportier end of the driving spectrum.

Volt Clear Winner in Cargo Room Comparison

The Volt is a larger vehicle than the i3 and with the rear seats folded down there is plenty of room for sports equipment, suitcases or all types of cargo. The placement of the i3’s gas engine, electric motor and gas tank make the cargo floor much higher than the Volt’s, eliminating valuable storage space. If you’re in the market for an electric vehicle with extended range, take a trip to Chapman Chevrolet and see why the Volt is head and shoulders above the competition.