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Rolling Hotspot Just Got Cheaper

Because more customers are using the OnStar 4G LTE System, Chevy has announced it has lowered the price of the data plan by up to 50 percent. “Wireless connectivity has proven to be a beneficial technology for many Chevrolet customers, from contractors who use their Silverado as a mobile office to families using their Suburban on a summer road trip,” Chevy truck marketing director Sandor Piszar said. “As our customers increase their usage of the technology, we are able to make it more affordable for them.” Chevrolet has been tracking the data usage by customers since the inception of the OnStar program. In just the last two years, customers have streamed the equivalent of 100 million hours of music while using 3 million gigs of data. See how OnStar and the 4G LTE Wi-Fi system can enhance your driving experience with a trip to your Phoenix Chevy dealerChapman Chevrolet.

SUV, Truck Owners Big on Wi-Fi Use

Whether driving a Suburban or Tahoe for work or play, SUV owners are some of the prime users of the OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi network. Silverado owners account for the most usage, which is not surprising considering how many businesses utilize the popular truck as a mobile office for construction and other in-the-field work. Following close behind are Suburban owners, 60 percent of whom use Wi-Fi. Tahoe and Traverse owners account for the next greatest data usage. 4G LTE is a standard feature on all new Chevrolets with the basic OnStar plan, offering Wi-Fi and remote vehicle connectivity.

New Pricing Structure Cuts Costs, Adds Levels

Under the old contract, a person who used 1 gigabyte of data a month would pay $20. The new plan costs just $10. It also adds a 4 GB level for $20, effectively offering four times the usage of the old plan for the same price. Under the old construct, 10 GB a month cost $80. It has been reduced to just $40. A yearly plan used to offer 10 GB a month for $150. The new plan costs the same, but doubles the data to 20 GB. ”As more people embrace the technology, it brings down the cost of entry for all users,” according to Laura Keck, OnStar marketing manager. “With these lower prices, we expect even more customers to use 4G LTE connectivity during this busy summer season.” Get the full picture on the OnStar system and Wi-Fi availability by talking to the pros at Chapman Chevrolet.

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Big Party Happening in Michigan

Now 50 years since the very first Camaro hit the road, Chevrolet is hosting a huge celebration in Detroit and the surrounding area. The first event will be an anniversary celebration on August 18 at the Lansing Grand River plant, where the public will be able to take tours of the Camaro production facility. “This is an unprecedented opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at building the Camaro from the ground up,” according to Camaro marketing manager Todd Christensen. “Whether you’re a Camaro owner or simply a fan, it’s an event you won’t want to miss. Along with the tour, there will be a display of Camaros throughout the year, car show and the chance to talk with Camaro team members.” If you can’t make the party, you can celebrate right here with a test drive of the new Chevrolet Camaro at Chapman Chevrolet.

Have a Camaro? Get Some Coffee

Camaros and Coffee is an event set for August 19 at the Joe Louis arena in Detroit. There’s room for 500 Camaro owners with first come, first served securing the spots. At mid-morning, there will be 50th Anniversary Camaros leading the rest of the pack onto Woodward Avenue for a cruise through the city. The Woodward Dream Cruise will be held on August 20, featuring a number of modern and heritage Camaros. “Over the past half-century, the Camaro has fostered enthusiasm, camaraderie and memories like few other vehicles,” said Chevy car marketing director Steve Majoros. “It’s a passion Chevrolet takes seriously and the activities this summer are a way of giving back to those who made the Camaro an icon.”

Camaro Debuts in September 1966

When the Camaro first debuted in 1966, it was after a long rumor that the car would be called the “Panther.” In truth, Panther was Chevy’s code name for the project, but they always wanted to use a name that starts with “C” to stay in line with Chevelle and Corvette. It was the start of the pony car war between Camaro and Mustang, a battle that continues to this day. When asked what a “Camaro” was, a Chevy executive told the press that it was “a small, vicious animal that eats Mustangs.”

2017 Camaro Coming This Fall

When the 2017 Chevrolet Camaro hits the showroom at Chapman Chevrolet this fall, it will offer a variety of engine and transmission pairings, as well as interiors that focus on the driver. The ZL1 comes with a supercharged LT4 6.2L motor and available 10-speed automatic transmission that combine to deliver 640 horses and 640 pound feet to the rear wheels. Whether you choose a convertible or coupe, the Camaro is the most fun you can have on four wheels.